Friday, July 2, 2010

England footballers murder rare bird of prey

When I say 'murder' I of course mean, 'indirectly and tenuously linked with the death of'.

And by 'rare bird of prey' I of course mean 'seagull'.

In the first of what may become a series called 'things that can be blamed on England's World Cup exit', the Sidmouth Herald reports that a seagull has died as a result of England's players being rubbish.

In order to protect the family of the seagull, we have concealed it's identity.
"A SEAGULL was shot dead in Seaton following England’s devastating defeat against Germany in the World Cup." Sidmouth Herald 28/06/10
Who could have possibly predicted that the effects of 'devastating defeat' would be felt as far as Seaton Post Office?

I will be keeping an eye on this story and if there is no update by next Monday, I'm going to start making enquiries.

That's a promise.

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